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Clean Sweep HHI offers a wide range of services. We handle it all from villas, homes and offices.  Whatever you need, give one of our Customer Services Agents a call at (843)689-9178 to find out how we can help you with our services.

Our regular Clients are the best!  Tell a friend about Clean Sweep and  SAVE! We want to offer something just for you, refer a friend and tell them to mention your name when arranging their 1st cleaning service. When they pay us, we'll deduct $25 from your next cleaning! 
Limit 4 per month. Not valid with any other offers.



PRE-ARRIVAL/TIDY CLEAN: These are necessary checks when your property has sat unoccupied for awhile (2 weeks or greater).  We will come in tidy up the entire property by dusting, re-cleaning the bathrooms, re-vacuuming and picking up any little friends that the exterminators have left behind. 

DEPARTURE CLEANS:  A full clean with fresh linen and new amenities performed on the date of a rental guest’s departure, but there is not a new guest coming in the same day. 

***During heavy cleaning days, we may ask permission to move this clean to an alternate day.

:  A full clean with fresh linen and new amenities performed on the date of a rental guest’s departure, with an incoming guest checking in the same day.


SPRING AND FALL CLEANS:    This is a very detailed cleaning and will require more time to complete. These cleans are a wonderful replacement to the typical Annual Clean.  This service prepares your property for year-round occupancy.  Immediately after the summer season the Fall Clean is performed to get your property back in order after the heavy summer traffic.  Then, again, right before the season we will prepare your property for the upcoming spring and summer season.  Give one of our Customer Services Agents a call for more detailed information at (843) 689-9178.


ANNUAL CLEANS:  This is a very detailed once-a-year cleaning that is one of the most thorough cleans performed by our staff and will require more time to complete.  Give one of our Customer Service Agents a call for more detailed information at (843) 689-9178.

MIDSTAY CLEAN: Anytime a guest would like additional cleaning services during their stay, we are more than happy to accommodate them.

TOWEL EXCHANGE (OR SUPPLEMENTAL) SERVICE:  This is a request that we can easily fulfill anytime your guests want extra bath towels, hand towels or wash cloths. Typically, we can fulfill their request the same day.



 ROTATIONAL LAUNDRY:  This service is available to all clients that want to ensure proper hygiene in their property.  We have a full-service commercial laundry service on-site with the capability of laundering all comforters, blankets, pillows, mattress pad protectors, pillow protectors and various size rugs.  Depending upon the amount of items that you would like laundered; our prices are either by piece or at a bulk rate.  Arrangements can be made to have your items washed monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or as often as you would like. We also offer pick-up and delivery service with every request.

MOVE-IN / MOVE-OUT CLEANS:  Preparing for your upcoming move in or out?  Moving is a major task in itself. Who wants to clean before or afterwards?  Let us take care of the cleaning for you.

PROPERTY FOR SALE:  We can provide inspections on a regular basis and will be your eyes and ears to protect your number one asset. Together, we create a visitation schedule.  Our cleaners will inspect your property, remove junk mail, check all lights, vacuum up the dead bugs, re-clean areas that have become dirty due to sitting empty or prospective home buyers. After each inspection we will email you the inspection report as well as any corrective actions that need to be performed.


Clean Sweep HHI has the following items in a variety of sizes available for purchase: 


  • Clean Sweep Specialty Items: 
    • Mattress pad protectors 
    • Blankets  
    • Pillows
    • Pillow protectors

    This service allows you to maintain and compliment your property with items that guests deem necessary.    Delivery and installation service is available.

    For more information about services, call one of our Customer Service Agents 









 You need it cleaned~We can clean it!!

     Just give one of our Customer Service Agents a call at (843)689-9178.

Clean Sweep HHI handles it all from villa, homes, offices and much more.  Please give one of our Customer Service Agents a call at (843)689-9178 to find out how we can help!!

You need it cleaned~We can clean it!!